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2000 National Collegiate Women's Rowing Championship

May 26-28, 2000
Cooper River Park
Camden County, New Jersey, USA

Brown Successfully Defends the Championship

31 MAY 10:41 P.M. PDT: Race Bulletins have been updated following the discovery of a parallax error that affects the first 500 meter split times. This error affects all bulletins except number 201. None of the elapsed times at the 1000m, 1500m, or finish line marks are changed in any way from what was previously reported, recorded and distributed.

28 MAY 11:20 A.M. PDT: Results for all races are posted. The Race Bulletin for Heat 1 of the Varsity Eight was updated on Saturday night.

JAMCO independently operates its 500 meter split timing system. JAMCO Race Bulletins are posted here after adjusting JAMCO's finishing times to match the official final times.

Course Conditions

Explanation of abbreviations

Event Heat   Bulletin #
Varsity Eight Heat 1 (updated) Result 5 (Fri)
Heat 2 Result 6 (Fri)
Heat 3 Result 7 (Fri)
Repechage 1 Prediction    Result 8 (Fri)
Repechage 2 Prediction    Result 9 (Fri)
Third final (Places 13-19)    Prediction    Result 103 (Sat)
Semi-final 1 Prediction    Result 104 (Sat)
Semi-final 2 Prediction    Result 105 (Sat)
Petite Final (Places 7-12) Prediction    Result 205 (Sun)
Grand Final (Places 1-6) Prediction    Result 206 (Sun)
2nd Varsity Eight          Heat 1 Result 3 (Fri)
Heat 2 Result 4 (Fri)
Repechage Prediction    Result 102 (Sat)
Petite Final (Places 7-10) Prediction    Result 203 (Sun)
Grand Final (Places 1-6) Prediction    Result 204 (Sun)
Varsity Four Heat 1


1 (Fri)
Heat 2


2 (Fri)
Repechage Prediction    Result 101 (Sat)
Petite Final (Places 7-10) Prediction    Result 201 (Sun)
Grand Final (Places 1-6) Prediction    Result 202 (Sun)

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