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2000 San Diego Crew Classic

April 1-2, 2000
Mission Bay – Crown Point Shores Park
San Diego, California, USA
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JAMCO independently operates its 500 meter split timing system. Results posted here are unofficial. Adjustments were made to the JAMCO Race Bulletins posted here after final comparison with the official results published by the regatta committee.

Competitors at the Classic should bring a notebook computer with Internet access to the Regatta to view each day's full results and split times, as well as JAMCO's pre-race analysis and predictions which will be posted on Saturday after the morning heats for several of the key masters and collegiate finals to be held on Sunday.

Course conditions (wind and tidal information).

Glossary (explanation of abbreviations used in JAMCO for Splits Race Bulletins)

JAMCO for Splits Race Bulletin Index

Event Heat        Day      Event
Copley Cup Heat A Sat 7
Heat B Sat 8
Petite Final Sun 127
Grand Final     Prediction     Sun 135
Jessop-Whittier Cup Heat A Sat 9
Heat B Sat 10
Petite Final Sun 126
Grand Final Prediction Sun 134
Men's Cal Cup Heat A Sat 1
Heat B Sat 2
Petite Final Sun 114
Grand Final Sun 133
Men's Club Heat A Sat 50
Heat B Sat 51
Heat C Sat 52
Final Sun 129
Men's Collegiate Lightweight Heat A Sat 11
Heat B Sat 12
Petite Final Sun 110
Grand Final Sun 131
Men's Collegiate Novice Heat A Sat 14
Heat B Sat 15
Heat C Sat 16
3rd Final Sat 44
Petite Final Sun 106
Grand Final Sun 121
Men's Junior Heat A Sat 26
Heat B Sat 27
Heat C Sat 28
Petite Final Sat 47
Grand Final Sun 125
Men's Junior JV Heat A Sat 39
Heat B Sat 40
Petite Final Sun 102
Grand Final Sun 104
Men's JV Heat A Sat 20
Heat B Sat 21
Petite Final Sun 112
Grand Final Sun 123
Men's Masters A Final Sun 115
Men's Masters B Final Sat 32
Men's Masters C Final Sun 108
Men's Masters D/E Final Sun 109
Men's Masters F Final Sun 119
Men's Open Heat A Sat 34
Heat B Sat 35
Final Sun 117
Women's Cal Cup Heat A Sat 3
Heat B Sat 4
Heat C Sat 5
Heat D Sat 6
3rd Final Sat 45
Petite Final Sun 113
Grand Final Sun 132
Women's Club Heat A Sat 48
Heat B Sat 49
Final Sun 128
Women's Collegiate Lightweight     Preliminary Sat 13
Grand Final Sun 130
Women's Collegiate Novice Heat A Sat 22
Heat B Sat 23
Heat C Sat 24
Heat D Sat 25
3rd Final Sat 43
Petite Final Sun 105
Grand Final Sun 120
Women's Junior Heat A Sat 29
Heat B Sat 30
Heat C Sat 31
Petite Final Sat 46
Grand Final Sun 124
Women's Junior JV Heat A Sat 41
Heat B Sat 42
Petite Final Sun 101
Grand Final Sun 103
Women's JV Heat A Sat 17
Heat B Sat 18
Heat C Sat 19
Petite Final Sun 111
Grand Final Sun 122
Women's Masters A Final Sat 33
Women's Masters B Final Sun 107
Women's Masters C Final Sat 38
Women's Masters D Final Sun 118
Women's Open Heat A Sat 36
Heat B Sat 37
Final Sun 116



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