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2004 San Diego Crew Classic

April 3-4, 2004

San Diego, CA, USA

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JAMCO Race Reports provides live results with 500 meter split times. Please click on the Race Number of interest at the listed start time. This race list page will also be updated with any schedule changes.

Pacific Daylight Savings Time (PDT) began today, Sunday, April 4. "Spring forward."

Course conditions:
7:00am: Flat. No wind.
7:25: Slight cross wind from lane 6 to lane 1.
11:45: There is a very strong cross wind from lane 1 to 6. This is the typical San Diego afternoon wind that favors lane 1. Additionally, a very strong outgoing tide is working against the crews.

Tides: Races started between 7:00 am and 9:23 am will have some help from an incoming tide until 9:23 am when the tide is high. From 9:23 am until 3:52 pm, the tide will be going out and running against the crews for the remainder of Sunday's racing schedule.

Please click on the race report number, below, to see the real-time results.
Times are Pacific Daylight Savings Time (PDT) on Sunday.


Time Event Heat Report
7:00 Women's Junior JV Petite 50
7:15 Men's Junior JV Petite 51
7:30 Women's Junior JV Grand Final 52
7:45 Men's Junior JV Grand Final 53
8:00 Women's Collegiate Novice Petite 54
8:10 Men's Collegiate Novice Petite 55
8:20 Women's Masters A Final 56
8:30 Men's Masters A Final 57
8:40 Women's Open Petite 58
8:50 Men's Open Petite 59
9:00 Men's Masters D Final 60
9:10 Men's Masters E/F Final 61
9:20 Women's Masters E Final 62
9:30 Women's Collegiate Lightweight Petite 63
9:40 Women's Cal Cup 3rd Final 64
9:50 Men's Cal Cup 3rd Final 65
10:00 Women's Masters B Final 66
10:10 Men's Masters B Final 67
10:20 Women's JV Petite 68
10:30 Men's JV Petite 69
10:40 Women's Masters D Final 70
10:50 Women's Collegiate Novice Grand Final 71
11:00 Men's Collegiate Novice Grand Final 72
11:10 Women's Cal Cup Petite 73
11:20 Men's Cal Cup Petite 74
11:30 Jessop-Whittier Cup Petite 75
11:40 Copley Cup Petite 76
11:50 Women's Junior Final 77
12:00 Men's Junior Final 78
12:20 Men's Open Grand Final 79
12:30 Women's Open Grand Final 80
12:40 Men's JV Grand Final 81
12:50 Women's JV Grand Final 82
13:00 Men's Club Final 83
13:10 Women's Club Final 84
13:20 Men's Collegiate Lightweight Grand Final 85
13:30 Women's Collegiate Lightweight Grand Final 86
13:40 Men's Cal Cup Grand Final 87
13:50 Women's Cal Cup Grand Final 88
14:00 Copley Cup Grand Final 89
14:20 Jessop-Whittier Cup Grand Final 90


Masters Club Events

The handicap for younger crews is imposed at the start line. Therefore, each handicapped crew's handicap in seconds is added at the start by staggering the starts of the crews. The first 500m split and the total time for a handicapped crew is inflated by its handicap. See each race report for specific handicap information.

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