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2001 San Diego Crew Classic

April 7-8, 2001
Mission Bay – Crown Point Shores Park
San Diego, California, USA

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USC won the Jessop-Whittier Cup and University of California at Berkeley won the Copley Cup.

JAMCO race bulletins for all events have been published. An index can be found below.

Weather Plays a Big Role

Saturday Summary

Course conditions Saturday morning and through the mid-day at the San Diego Crew Classic are best described as "hallacious", after years of wonderful weather conditions. The morning races were suspended after the 17th race in mid-morning as pelting rain and a quartering tailwind from the starboard against an out-going tide created dangerous, unrowable conditions. In fact in the last race run, a women's crew from USC sank at the finish line, and several crews waiting in the starting area for subsequent cancelled races were stranded. Wind was gusting to 25 miles per hour, and Naval rescue boats were called upon to accompany them as they paddled back to the launching area after their races were cancelled.

Racing was suspended between 10:13am and 4:00pm PDT and thirteen (13) races were cancelled by regatta officials. The following events were held in the afternoon: Women's JV Heats, Men's JV Heats, Women's Collegiate Novice Heats, Men's Open Heats, and Women's Open Heats.

Conditions at 4:10pm were overcast, light winds, occasional showers, and flat water.

Better Weather on Sunday

Racing resumed on Sunday under sunny, cool conditions.

Wind and Tidal Information

Additional course conditions

JAMCO for Splits Race Bulletin Index

Glossary (explanation of abbreviations used in JAMCO for Splits Race Bulletins)

Event Results      Event
Copley Cup Heat A 7
Heat B 8
Petite Final 128
Grand Final 136
Jessop-Whittier Cup Heat A 9
Heat B 10
Petite Final 127
Grand Final 135
Mens Cal Cup Heat A 1
Heat B 2
Heat C 3
3rd Petite (cancelled) 47
Petite Final 115
Grand Final 134
Mens Club Heat A 53
Heat B 54
Final 130
Mens Collegiate Lightweight     Preliminary 11
Grand Final     132
Mens Collegiate Novice Heat A 14
Heat B 15
Heat C 16
3rd Final (cancelled) 45
Petite Final 106
Grand Final 122
Mens Junior Heat A 25
Heat B 26
Heat C 27
Petite Final (cancelled) 50
Grand Final 126
Mens Junior JV Heat A 40
Heat B 41
Petite Final (cancelled) 102
Grand Final (cancelled) 104
Mens JV Heat A 20
Heat B 21
Petite Final (cancelled) 113
Grand Final (cancelled) 124
Mens Masters A Final 116
Mens Masters B Final 28
Mens Masters C Final 108
Mens Masters D/E Final 109
Mens Masters F Final 120
Mens Open Heat A 33
Heat B 34
Heat C 35
Petite Final 111
Grand Final 118
Womens Cal Cup Heat A 4
Heat B 5
Heat C 6
3rd Final (cancelled) 46
Petite Final 114
Grand Final 133
Womens Club Heat A 51
Heat B 52
Final 129
Womens Collegiate Ltwt Heat A 12
Heat B 13
Grand Final 131
Womens Collegiate Novice Heat A 22
Heat B 23
Heat C 24
3rd Final (cancelled) 44
Petite Final 105
Grand Final 121
Womens Junior Heat A 29
Heat B 30
Heat C 31
Petite Final (cancelled) 49
Grand Final 125
Womens Junior JV Heat A 42
Heat B 43
Petite Final (cancelled) 101
Grand Final (cancelled) 103
Womens JV Heat A 17
Heat B 18
Heat C 19
3rd Final (cancelled) 48
Petite Final 112
Grand Final 123
Womens Masters A Final 32
Womens Masters B Final 107
Womens Masters C Final 39
Womens Masters D Final 119
Womens Open Heat A 36
Heat B 37
Heat C 38
Petite Final 110
Grand Final 117



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