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2005 Waseda Regatta

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Toda Koen, Saitama, Japan

Update: Toray Rowing Club beat Kaio University and Crimson Tigers in the final. Photos to come.


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On Sunday, November 13, 2005, (Saturday in the USA) an American eight oared crew rowing under the name "Crimson Tigers" will compete against five Japanese open eights at the Waseda Regatta on the 1964 Toda Rowing Course, the site of the 1964 Olympic Rowing competition. [Toda Koen is 20 KM northwest of Tokyo. (external link)]

This is the second year that Waseda has invited an American crew to this regatta. Last year the Americans placed second behind NTT, losing by only one seat.

The competition will be fierce for the Americans. In the opening race, they face the Waseda University Rowing Club, which is sponsoring this regatta, and which arranged for transportation, housing and meals for the American crew members. If the Crimson Tigers win their opening race, they must then face two of the following four crews depending on which crews win their opening two-boat heats: Chuo University which won the 2005 Japanese Collegiate Championships; Tore Rowing Club, which placed second in the 2005 Japanese Open National Championships; NTT Rowing Club, which won this regatta last year; and Keio University, arch rivals of Waseda University.

USA Crew

Crimson Tiger team photo

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The Crimson Tigers line-up is the following:

Stroke Rob Milam, Princeton, '99
#7 Bryan Kitch, UCLA, '05
#6 James Baker, Harvard '90
#5 Eric Davis, Harvard, '89
#4 Tonu Mets, Naval Academy, '99
#3 Jonathan Lawson, Princeton, '99
#2 Bill Golden, Princeton, '99
Bow Adam Tapley, Dartmouth, '04
Cox Eric Spector, Cornell, '85

Several of the American rowers have competed on Lightweight national teams for the United States, including Milam, Baker and Davis, and Spector has coxed US National Team crews.

The Crimson Tigers are coached by Kent Mitchell, who is returning to the Toda Rowing Course 41 years after he won the Olympic Gold Medal for the US in the coxed pair at the Tokyo Olympics.

The Races

The first round of races will be "Henley style", matching two crews in each of three races, with the winners to proceed to a three boat final that afternoon (9:15 p.m Pacific Daylight Savings Time).

All racing will be over a 1000 meter distance, and JAMCO presents the split times for each 250 meter interval.

Times below are Saturday, Pacific Standard Time (USA)

Time Event Race #
4:15 PM Toray Rowing Club vs Chuo University 01
4:20 PM Crimson Tigers vs
Waseda University Rowing Club
4:25 PM NTT Rowing Club vs Keio University Keio wins
(NTT scratched)
9:15 PM Final 04


Color Coding — Crew movements during each 250 meter interval are highlighted by different colors. Gold (yellow) crews are closing on the leader in the current 250. Silver (light blue) crews are closing on the second place crew, but falling further behind the leader. Bronze (orange) crews are closing on the third place crew, but falling further behind the leader and the second place crews. White crews are falling further behind all three leading crews. Quite often, when a crew turns gold, it takes the lead in the next 250.

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