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KMRC @ 2005 World Masters Games

July 22-31, 2005

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

KMRC Rows in 23 Events

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The World Masters Games opens Friday, July 22nd, in Edmonton, Alberta Province, Canada. Over 23,000 masters athletes (age 27 and older) have registered to compete in more than 25 different sports. The Kent Mitchell Rowing Club from the San Francisco Bay Area is competing in its third consecutive World Masters regatta. KMRC has entered its 23 member competitors (ranging from age 27 to 68) in 23 men's rowing events over the 4 days of competition beginning Friday morning, July 22nd, and ending Monday evening, July 25th.

The KMRC contingent includes Olympic Rowing medalists from the 1960, 1964, 1968, 1984 and 1996 Olympic Games, and several other Olympic rowers (who did not win medals) from the Games of 1964, 1972 and 1992. KMRC is fielding an international contingent with team members from the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Ireland, who will be racing competitors from a multitude of different nations around the world.

Each race is 1000 meters long (approx .625 miles), is basically a sprint race, and they are beginning races every 3 or 4 minutes starting early in the morning, with finals races to be held later in the day or evening every 6 minutes on an 8-lane buoyed course in Le Duc (pronounced "Le" "Duke"), on a narrow Lake Telford in the center of this town, approximately 20 minutes south of Edmonton.

We will be updating this site with the daily progress of the KMRC crews each night after each day's racing ends. Each day presents a different list of events which KMRC crews have entered. There are qualifying heats in the morning, semi-finals in midday, and finals in the evenings for each day's set of events.

For complete official results of all races each day, you can go on-line also to the official site at WMG as follows: www.2005worldmasters.com. Click on the sport of Rowing and click on results. Then click on the event title, e.g. G4+, and all the results for that event that day should appear.

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