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2001 Big Row

California vs. Stanford at Redwood Shores

April 14, 2001
Redwood Shores, California, USA

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Men's Varsity Eights 9:00 1
Women's Varsity Eights 9:10 2
Women's Junior Varsity Eights 9:20 3
Women's Novice Eights 9:30 4
Men's Novice Eights 9:40 5
Women's Varsity Fours With Cox 9:50 6
Men's Junior Varsity Eights 10:00 7
Women's Novice Fours With Cox 10:10 8

Conditions for races 1-5 were headwind, but very flat conditions. Conditions in race 6 were flat, little wind. Conditions in races 7 and 8 were slight tailwind, also very flat. All water conditions flat to slight breeze indication on water surface all day. But early headwinds did slow crews, particularly in last 1000 meters.


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