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Australian Rowing Championships
Men's Senior A Lightweight Coxless Four


Code          Club Crew Members
HUO HUON/SYDNEY UNI Andrew Butler, Matt Russell,
Michael Wiseman, Robert Mitchell
GEE GEEVESTON/WENDOUREE           Robert Richards, Anthony Edwards,
Darren Balmforth, Simon Burgess
Tom Paul, Rob Spinks
SWA SWAN RIVER/CURTIN Stewart Buxton, Ben Cureton,
Paul Jurevich, Luke Pritchard
NOO NOOSA/PINE RIVERS Philip Morgan, Michael Smith,
Glenn Smith, Robert Allen

Based upon the fact that the Geeveston boat is coming right off a silver medal in this event at the 1999 World Championships, that its members have considerably more FISA elite championship experience than any of the other boats, and that these four men rowing as pairs posted the best times earlier this week in the pair oared heats, they are the clear favorites to win the lightweight four at Penrith this weekend.

The performances of all of these competitors in previous Olympic and senior World Championship Regattas follow:

Club          Rower Year             Event    Place
HUO Michael Wiseman          1999 2- 7th
Robert Mitchell 1999 2- 7th
GEE Robert Richards 1998 4- 3rd
1999 4- 2nd
Anthony Edwards 1993 4x 7th
1994 4x 5th
1995 2x 3rd
1996 2x 3rd
1997 2x 5th
1998 4- 3rd
1999 4- 2nd
Darren Balmforth 1994 8+ 10th
1995 4x 6th
1998 4- 3rd
1999 4- 2nd
Simon Burgess 1993 4x 7th
1994 4x 5th
1996 4- 6th
1998 4- 3rd
1999 4- 2nd
MEL Stuart Peele 1994 8+ 10th
1996 2- ---
1997 2- 7th
Andrew Lane 1995 2- 9th
1996 2- ---
1997 2- 7th

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