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2009 San Diego Crew Classic® Regatta

April 4 - 5, 2009

Crown Point Shores Park, Mission Bay, CA, USA


Click on the race number of interest to see split times and results. Times are Pacific Time (UTC-7). Click of the tab to see the other day's races.

Races marked with '*' are age-handicapped races.

Day 1: Saturday

Time Event Heat Trophy Race #
07:30 Mens Collegiate Varsity Cal Cup A American Specialty Health Cup 01
07:40   B   02
07:50   C   03
08:00 Womens Collegiate Varsity Cal Cup A SeaWorld Cal Cup 04
08:10   B   05
08:20   C   06
08:30 Mens Collegiate Varsity Invitational A Copley Cup 07
08:40   B   08
08:50 Womens Collegiate Varsity Invitational A Jessop-Whittier Cup 09
09:00   B   10
09:10 Mens Collegiate Novice A Derek Guelker Memorial Cup 11
09:20   B   12
09:30   C   13
09:40 Womens Collegiate JV A Jackie Ann Stitt Hungness Trophy 14
09:50   B   15
10:00   C   16
10:10 Mens Collegiate JV A Sharp Cabrillo Cup 17
10:20   B   18
10:30 Womens Collegiate Novice A Laurel V. Korholz Perpetual Trophy 19
10:45   B   20
11:00   C   21
11:10 Mens Junior A William Robinson Memorial Cup 22
11:20   B   23
11:30   C   24
12:00 Womens Junior A Gilman-Mulliken Cup 25
12:10   B   26
12:20   C   27
12:30 Mens Masters E Final Stewards Cup 28
12:40 Womens Masters E Final Cloud 9 Shuttle Cup 29
12:50 Mens Masters F* Final Grand Masters Trophy 30
13:00 Womens Masters F* Final Campland on the Bay Trophy 31
13:10 Womens Open A Carley Copley Cup 32
13:20   B   33
13:30   C   34
13:40 Mens Open A Joan Ward Memorial Trophy 35
13:50   B   36
14:00 Mens Junior JV A Jean Jessop Hervey Cup 37
14:15   B   38
14:30 Womens Junior JV A ZLAC Rowing Club Trophy 39
14:40   B   40
14:50 Mens Collegiate Varsity Cal Cup 3RD   41
15:00 Womens Collegiate Varsity Cal Cup 3RD   42
15:10 Mens Collegiate Novice B Final   43
15:20 Womens Collegiate Novice B Final   44
15:30 Womens Collegiate JV 3RD   45
15:40 Mens Junior Petite   46
15:50 Womens Junior Petite   47
16:00 Womens Club * A Thalia Kelly Considine Cup 48
16:10   B   49
16:20 Mens Club * A City of San Diego Cup 50
16:30   B   51
16:40 Womens Collegiate LW Final A.W. Coggeshall Cup 52
16:50 Mens Junior LW Final Jackson Cup 53
17:00 Womens Junior LW Final Referees Cup 54
17:10 Mens Collegiate Novice Petite   55
17:20 Womens Collegiate Novice  Petite   56

Day 2: Sunday

Time Event Heat Trophy Race #
7:30 Womens Junior JV Petite   57
7:40 Mens Junior JV Petite   58
7:50 Womens Open Petite   59
8:00 Mens Open Petite   60
8:10 Womens Collegiate JV Petite   61
8:20 Mens Collegiate JV Petite   62
8:30 Womens Collegiate Varsity Cal Cup Petite   63
8:40 Mens Collegiate Varsity Cal Cup Petite   64
8:50 Womens Collegiate Varsity Invitational Petite   65
9:00 Mens Collegiate Varsity Invitational Petite   66
9:15 Womens Collegiate Varsity Invitational G Final Jessop-Whittier Cup 67
9:30 Mens Collegiate Varsity Invitational G Final Copley Cup 68
9:40 Womens Club* Final Thalia Kelly Considine Cup 69
9:50 Mens Club* Final City of San Diego Cup 70
10:00 Womens Collegiate JV G Final Jackie Ann Stitt Hungness Trophy 71
10:10 Mens Collegiate JV G Final Sharp Cabrillo Cup 72
10:20 Womens Collegiate Varsity Cal Cup G Final SeaWorld Cal Cup 73
10:30 Mens Collegiate Varsity Cal Cup G Final American Specialty Health Cup 74
10:40 Womens Junior JV G Final ZLAC Rowing Club Trophy 75
10:50 Mens Junior JV G Final Jean Jessop Hervey Cup 76
11:00 Womens Collegiate Novice G Final Laurel V. Korholz Perpetual Trophy 77
11:10 Mens Collegiate Novice G Final Derek Guelker Memorial Cup 78
11:20 Womens Open G Final Carley Copley Cup 79
11:30 Mens Open G Final Joan Ward Memorial Trophy 80
12:20 Womens Junior G Final Gilman-Mulliken Cup 81
12:30 Mens Junior G Final William Robinson Memorial Trophy 82
12:40 Womens Masters A Final Hudson Cup 83
12:50 Mens Masters A Final Jack Buchanan Memorial Trophy 84
13:00 Womens Masters B Final Fred Rickon Memorial Cup 85
13:10 Mens Masters B Final Pres. Trophy Honoring Paul Hartley 86
13:20 Womens Masters C Final Margi Fetter Graham Trophy 87
13:30 Mens Masters C Final Volunteer Trophy 88
13:40 Womens Masters D Final Lang & Associates Trophy 89
13:50 Mens Masters D Final Fndrs Trophy Honoring Patty Wyatt 90

About JAMCO Race Bulletins

Unofficial Times — JAMCO takes its own finishing times and those are the first finishing times to appear on JAMCO's real time race result pages. Those pages are marked "unofficial" because the Regatta Committee is also taking finishing times, and its times are the "official" times. The Regatta Committee provides JAMCO with its "official" times after the races are over, and JAMCO then enters the "official" times on its reports. Therefore, there may be a considerable delay in replacing the "unofficial" times with "official" times, but the order of finish should not change."

Color Coding — Real time movements by crews during each 500 meter interval are highlighted by different colors. Gold (yellow) crews are closing on the leader in the current 500. Silver (light blue) crews are closing on the second place crew, but falling further behind the leader. Bronze (orange) crews are closing on the third place crew, but falling further behind the leader and the second place crews. White crews are falling further behind all three leading crews. Quite often, when a crew turns gold, it takes the lead in the next 500.

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