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2009 Lake Natoma Invitational

April 18 - 19, 2009

Lake Natoma, Gold River, CA, USA

Significant Implications for National Rankings

The first Lake Natoma Invitational Regatta will be held this Saturday and Sunday, April 18 and 19, at Lake Natoma in Gold River, Calif. The regatta boasts a strong, nine-team field, including five schools with nationally ranked varsity 8+ boats. The results from the Lake Natoma Invitational could go a long way in helping teams earn selection to the NCAA Rowing Championships, considering the number of quality, complete teams from the West, Central and South Regions. This weekend's field includes Sacramento State Hornets, the University of California Golden Bears and their third-ranked varsity 8+, Stanford, which boasts the No. 2 varsity 8+, Wisconsin, with the 16th-ranked varsity 8+, UCLA, with the No. 19 varsity 8+, Minnesota, with the 20th-ranked varsity 8+, Tennessee, Texas and Central Florida. Cal head coach Dave O'Neill said. "We have nine great teams coming from across the country."

The regatta is hosted by the California State University Sacramento and University of California, Berkeley.

Final Group Standings

Co-host California won Group 1 with 16 points, followed by Stanford (13) and Wisconsin (7).

UCLA tied with Minnesota with 13 points each in Group 2; the teams' varsity 8+ finish was the tiebreaker and gave the Bruins (who won the Group 2 V8+ final) the overall Group 2 win. The Golden Gophers were second and Tennessee (10 points) was third in Group 2.

The three teams in Group 3 wound up with 12 points each. The varsity 8+ placing tiebreaker determined that regatta co-host Sacramento State (which won the Group 3 V8+ final) won the Group 3 title, Texas was second and Central Florida was third.

Split Times

Detailed results and split times are available here.

The Course

Lake Natoma is located in the metropolitan Sacramento area [ Google Maps ], near the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains. It is fed by the snow melt by the American River and is a year-round, multi-use recreational area.

The race course is a world-class facility for rowing, kayaking, canoeing, and other water sports. The facility is run by the Sacramento State Aquatic Center and the California State Parks and Recreation.

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JAMCO is completely run by volunteers, for the benefit of the rowing community.

On Saturday morning, our volunteers included: Tom, Liz, Sam, Rick, Claudia, Liz Lee, and Candace.

On Saturday afternoon: Rick, Sam, Liz, Tom, Claudia, Lee, and Candace.

On Sunday: Sam, Abby, Liilian, Lisa, Eva, Jenny, Emmy, Claudia, Danielle, and Anna.

Thanks also to Dan, the boat driver, and Barry and Scott from CNS.


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