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2003 San Diego Crew Classic

April 5-6, 2003

Crown Point Shores Park
San Diego, California, USA

Race Schedule for Saturday, April 5

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(Updated at 9:30pm) During race 116 (approximately 9:40am) we experienced electrical power problems and were forced to shut down the JAMCO timing system.

We will resume posting real-time results on Sunday morning.

JAMCO Race Reports now provides live results. Please click on the Race Number of interest at the listed start time. This race list page will also be updated with any schedule changes.

Pacific Daylight Savings Time (PDT) begins 2:00am Sunday, April 6. "Spring forward."

Special note for visitors using computers with smaller displays, e.g., 800x600 resolution.


Times are Pacific Standard Time (PST)

Time Event Heat Report #
0700 Mens Cal Cup Heat A
0710   Heat B
0720   Heat C
0730 Womens Cal Cup Heat A
0740   Heat B
0750   Heat C
0800 Copley Cup Heat A
0810   Heat B
0820 Jessop-Whittier Cup Heat A
0830   Heat B
0840 Mens Collegiate Lt Heat A
0850   Heat B
0900 Womens Collegiate Lt Heat A
0910   Heat B
0920 Womens Collegiate II/III Prelim
0930 Mens Collegiate Novice Heat A
Results interrupted due to on-site electrical problem.
0945   Heat B
1000   Heat C
1010 Womens JV Heat A
1020   Heat B
1030   Heat C
1040 Mens JV Heat A
1050   Heat B
1100 Womens Collegiate Novice Heat A
1115   Heat B
1130   Heat C
1140 Mens Junior Heat A
1150   Heat B
1200   Heat C
1240 Womens Junior Heat A
1250   Heat B
1300   Heat C
1310 Mens Masters C Final
1320 Womens Masters C Final
1330 Womens Open Heat A
1340   Heat B
1350   Heat C
1400 Mens Open Heat A
1410   Heat B
1420   Heat C
1430 Mens Junior JV Heat A
1445   Heat B
1500 Womens Junior JV Heat A
1515   Heat B
1530 Womens JV 3rd Final
1545 Mens Junior Petite Final
1600 Womens Junior Petite Final
1610 Womens Club * Heat A
1620   Heat B
1630 Mens Club * Heat A
1640   Heat B

* Age handicapped races

The handicap for younger crews is imposed at the start line. Therefore, each handicapped crew's handicap in seconds is added at the start by staggering the starts of the crews. The first 500m split and the total time for a handicapped crew is inflated by its handicap. See each race report for specific handicap information.

Viewing Jamco Race Results

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