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JAMCO Tripleheader

Princeton vs Brown

Stanford - California Big Row

Windermere Cup Opening Day Regatta

May 3, 2003

Princeton, New Jersey
Redwood Shores, California (Big Row)
Seattle, Washington (Windermere Cup)


JAMCO bring you live results from Princeton vs Brown at Princeton, the Big Row at Redwood Shores and the Windermere Cup Opening Day Regatta, at Seattle.

JAMCO presents live split times and results from the world's major regattas. JAMCO Race Reports are updated automatically during each race. Here is a simulation of what you would see. (The simulation page will automatically update after 10 seconds.)

Unofficial Times — JAMCO takes its own finishing times and those are the first finishing times to appear on JAMCO's real time race result pages. Those pages are marked "unofficial" because the Regatta Committee is also taking finishing times, and its times are the "official" times. The Regatta Committee provides JAMCO with its "official" times after the races are over, and JAMCO then enters the "official" times on its reports. Therefore, there may be a considerable delay in replacing the "unofficial" times with "official" times, but the order of finish should not change."

Thanks to our volunteers who made the first JAMCO Triple Header possible.


All Times are Pacific Daylight Savings Time (PDT).

Princeton University v. Brown University

Course conditions — Head wind.

Race #
Men's Varsity 8+ Princeton vs Brown
Men's Varsity 8+ Yale vs Rutgers vs Oregon State


Stanford - California Big Row

Course conditions — Absolutely glassy, flat water. Slight tail wind. Cloudy, overcast, occasional sprinkles, mild in the 60's.

Time Event Lane 1 Lane 2
Race #
Women's Varsity 8+ Stanford California
Men's Varsity 8+ California Stanford
Women's Varsity 4+ Stanford California
Men's JV 8+ California Stanford
Women's JV 8+ California Stanford
Men's Frosh Novice 8+ California Stanford
Women's Novice Lightweight 8+ Stanford California
Women's Lightweight 8+
Women's 3rd Varsity 8+
California Stanford
Women's Novice 8+ Stanford California


Windermere Cup Opening Day Regatta

Course conditions — Head wind.

Time Event Lane 1 Lane 2 Lane 3 Lane 4 Race #

Women's Erickson Cascade Cup
(Women's 2nd Varsities)

11:06 Men's Erickson Cascade Cup
(Men's 2nd Varsities)
11:15 Windermere Challenge Cup
(US & Canada Men's National Teams)
11:25 Women's Windermere Cup
(Women's Varsities and
Belarus Women's National Team)
11:35 Men's Windermere Cup
(Men's Varsities and
Poland Men's National Team)

Notes for the Opening Day Regatta — a. Jamco has now conformed its finishing times to the regatta committee's official finishing time for the Opening Day races for which splits were presented. It appears that the times at the 1500 meter mark were actually taken approximately 425 meters from the finish line, and not right at 500m to go, and that the split for the 3rd 500 meter interval was actually a split for approximately 575 meters. This explains the appearance of slow 3rd 500's and very fast last 500's for each of the five races presented.
b. We are sorry we cannot report splits for the Canadian National Team B in race 112, or for Washington State in race 111, but we received information just before those races started that indicated those two crews were not going to be in those races.
c. There are no split times for the first 500m.



In Princeton: Ed Hewitt. At Redwood Shores: Gina, Sam, Libby, Priscella and Kendall of Stanford Crew, who spotted for us on the course. In Seattle: Alain Yount-Roe, Floyden Mugford and Jake Slosberg of the Cascade Juniors Rowing team who spotted for us on the course. Bruce Beall of Pocock Rowing Center and Fred Hoenbien, UW Frosh/Novice Men's Coach, for recruiting, organizing and deployeding the spotters to their interval positions.

At JAMCO Central: Bill Kaspari who helped with the computers and communications for all three regattas.


About JAMCO Race Bulletins

Special note for visitors using computers with smaller displays, e.g., 800x600 resolution.

Color Coding — Real time movements by crews during each 500 meter interval are highlighted by different colors. Gold (yellow) crews are closing on the leader in the current 500. Silver (light blue) crews are closing on the second place crew, but falling further behind the leader. Bronze (orange) crews are closing on the third place crew, but falling further behind the leader and the second place crews. White crews are falling further behind all three leading crews. Quite often, when a crew turns gold, it takes the lead in the next 500.

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