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2001 Pacific 10 Conference Rowing Championships

May 13, 2001
Lake Natoma
Sacramento, California, USA

The JAMCO for Splits race timing system was in action at the 2001 Pac-10 Rowing Championships. JAMCO Race Bulletins, including split-time data, were posted during the regatta in near real-time.

Boats were seeded according to their performance during the regular season, with the fastest boat in Lane 1 and slower boats in the higher-numbered lanes, in order. Similar lane assignments were used during the finals for most events.

Course Conditions

In the morning, there was a significant headwind but the water was flat.

There was a light breeze at the beginning of afternoon racing: slightly breezy at the start and a patch of wind at 1250m; calm conditions near the finish line.

The wind was building throughout the afternoon and became a factor. The water remained flat, however.

Index of Events

Glossary of abbreviations used in JAMCO Race Bulletins

Event Heat Report #
Men's Frosh Novice Eight     Heat 1 5
Heat 2 6
Heat 3 7
3rd Final 24
Petite Final 25
Grand Final 26
Men's JV Eight Lane draw 12
Lane draw 13
Grand Final 31
Men's Varsity Four Heat 1 3
Heat 2 4
Petite Final 22
Grand Final 23
Men's Varsity Eight Heat 1 17
Heat 2 18
Heat 3 19
3rd Final 33
Petite Final 35
Grand Final 37
Women's JV Eight Heat 1 10
Heat 2 11
Petite Final 29
Grand Final 30
Women's Novice Eight Heat 1 8
Heat 2 9
Petite Final 27
Grand Final 28
Women's Varsity Four Heat 1 1
Heat 2 2
Petite Final 21
Grand Final 20
Women's Varsity Eight Heat 1 14
Heat 2 15
Heat 3 16
3rd Final 32
Petite Final 34
Grand Final 36



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