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Women's Lightweight Double Scull - Final
Sunday, August 29, 1999

Note: We do not have the FISA lane assignments yet for this race, but do know the pairs of crews who will be placed in lanes 3/4, 2/5 and 1/6, respectively, and have assigned lanes accordingly. Even if lane assignments change within those pairings, it will not affect the prediction.

Pre-race Analysis: The following race bulletin is based on a straight mix of the scullers' split times in today's semi-finals races. In the preliminary heat races on Monday, ROM, AUS, GER and USA were all within about a second for their respective times with 500 meters to go. GER and AUS were in a death struggle at that point which resulted in GER beating AUS by just 0.14 seconds in the fastest heat of the day. ROM and USA had it easier winning their heats. Then, in the semi-finals splits, it looks like the USA backed off a bit after 1000m and that GER backed off with 500m to go. Another factor of note is that in both the preliminaries and the semis, AUS had the fastest 3rd 500m of any of these scullers, so any crew that is ahead of AUS at 1000m in the finals has to expect a rush from her in the 3rd 500. So, it looks like the following prediction report is about right up to the 1000m mark, but other data suggests close to a 4-way tie (maybe a slight lead by ROM) with 500m to go between ROM, GER,USA and AUS. If that is the case, and if ROM can hold off fast closes expected from all three of the others, gold goes to ROM, but from all indications, it is just too close to call any of the medals in this one. If I "had" to make a guess, I would go in this order: ROM, USA, GER and AUS in that order.

                 1999 WORLD ROWING CHAMPIONSHIPS 'PREDICTIONS'       RACE # 601 

                         LIGHTWT WOMEN'S DOUBLE FINALS

                            1500*           CREW   TIME     TIME
  6  NED   <NED                              USA  1:42.94  1:42.94
  5  AUS     <AUS                            GER  1:42.95  1:42.95
  4  USA <USA                                ROM  1:43.56  1:43.56
  3  ROM  <ROM                               NED  1:44.27  1:44.27
  2  FRA      <FRA                           AUS  1:45.25  1:45.25
  1  GER <GER                                FRA  1:45.55  1:45.55
  6  NED      <NED                           GER  3:30.60  1:47.64
  5  AUS     <AUS                            ROM  3:31.00  1:47.43
  4  USA  <USA                               USA  3:31.19  1:48.25
  3  ROM  <ROM                               AUS  3:32.67  1:47.42
  2  FRA         <FRA                        NED  3:33.64  1:49.36
  1  GER <GER                                FRA  3:35.27  1:49.71
                            500 *
  6  NED                <NED                 ROM  5:19.64  1:48.64
  5  AUS     <AUS                            GER  5:21.39  1:50.79
  4  USA          <USA                       AUS  5:22.11  1:49.44
  3  ROM <ROM                                USA  5:25.07  1:53.87
  2  FRA                  <FRA               NED  5:28.29  1:54.64
  1  GER    <GER                             FRA  5:30.02  1:54.75
  6  NED               <NED                  ROM  7:13.73  1:54.08
  5  AUS  <AUS                               AUS  7:14.29  1:52.17
  4  USA          <USA                       GER  7:18.48  1:57.08
  3  ROM <ROM                                USA  7:19.01  1:53.94
  2  FRA               <FRA                  FRA  7:21.67  1:51.64
  1  GER         <GER                        NED  7:22.17  1:53.88

Source: FISA

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